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Doctor Shari Services

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Dr. Shari

Over the last 30 years, through my professional and volunteer efforts, I have combined proven technology that yields quantitative physiological data with insightful analysis and directed exercises to enable and empower individuals and groups to realize their full potential. My methods are effective with any group, from children, to teachers, to professionals, who desire to improve their physical well being, and thereby, their personal and work relationships.

Dr. Shari Shamsavari, Ph.D., ATR

We work and live in a stressful and hurried world that does not provide easily accessible training or methods for recognizing how severely stress affects our bodies, attitudes and behavior.

The methods I have studied, refined and successfully employed integrate the mind and body to improve self image and expression. They include real tools for minimizing the debilitating effects of both physical and mental stress. The keys to improving your physical well being and personal image are simple, effective and available here. 

I encourage you to review the rest of the site and contact me for more information if Doctor Shari Services seems a good prescription for you!


Dr. Shari specializes in:

  • Biofeedback
  • Neurobiofeedback
  • Self-Regulation Training

Conditions Treated

  • Trauma
  • Memory Loss
  • Mental & Physical Ailments
  • Psoriasis
  • Stroke Recovery
  • Paralysis
  • Surgical Recovery
  • Rehabilitation
  • Home Care

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